Cold Snap


Jan Kerekeš - vokal
Dario Berg - vokal, sampler
Denis Roškarić - bubnjevi
Zoran Ernoić - bas-gitara
Dorijan Pavlović - gitara
Zdravko Lovrić - gitara


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Book Manager: Dario Berg


Hailing from Varazdin, Croatia, COLD SNAP brings together a crushing mix of metal and Eastern European song structures from around the world. The group calls upon a wide array of influences ranging from Disturbed and Suicide Silence to Korn and Rage Against the Machine.

COLD SNAP already have an impressive musical history, touring with groups like Pro-Pain, Dead By April and Ektomorf and having shared a stage with groups like Disturbed, Suicide Silence, Unearth, and Blind Guardian. The group has also played legendary metal shows like Metal Camp and Metal Fest and even the legendary Wacken Open Air.

COLD SNAP recently recorded their third studio album entitled World War 3, which will receive an official release through Eclipse Records on January 13, 2015. World War 3 is an album jam packed with 12 intense tracks that was produced by the iconic Danish metal producer, Tue Madsen. Overall, World War 3 is melodically chaotic because at any given second, something can and will be thrown at the listeners and chances are, they won’t have an answer for it.