Zvijer (eng. Beast) was created in the middle of 2013 by Knjaz Aleks and Vožd Jovan Pogani.

The band rehearsed and eventually recorded their first single called “Svi Putevi ka Smrti Vode“ (All Paths Lead Toward Death). After recording the single, they received good feedback from fans, but unsatisfied with the song's sound, Knjaz and Vožd decided to put the band on hold for almost three full years.

In the summer of 2016, they came to the idea to reactivate Zvijer and start where they had stopped. This time, new members joined the band. Zvijer welcomed bass player Infernal K. from the Slovenian band Bleeding Fist and Insanus, the drummer from the legendary Croatian black metal band Castrum. In this formation, Zvijer recorded their second single called “Heretical Balkanian Sabbathism“, which they used as a preview for their full-length material “Vječnost Truleži” (eng. Eternity of Decay). In band also came Krvolok (also in bands Kult Perunov, Black Cult, ex-Nekrist) on the place of solo guitarist. Zvijer plays Balkanian Barbaric Black Metal inspired with horror tales and Balkanian dark folklore about night, death and madness.