The machine that is Throattwister was formed in 2007. Composed of five different components, it's goal is to create an unparallel sonic attack that will erase everything in its path.

The sound barrier that it creates can closely be described as a hailstorm of groove, perfection, and sludge; bleeding riffs are interconnected with precision drums that splash into a growling low end and finishes off with an unparallel vocal onslaught.

Their musical opus consists of a large number of local and international concerts, several video clips, two LPs and the recently released EP "X Years Of Misery" that they successfully promoted the concert on the occasion of ten years of band existence in Zagreb's Močvara. If you're crying out to see the next stage of audio/visual carnage you'll experience Throattwister live and remember the day your mind and guts got twisted out. The band says: See you in the pit!