Defiant is a death black metal band from Croatia formed in 2005.

On the last 2 albums they played melodic death metal, but after some changes in the band, they decided to change their style to pure death black metal. 2011. was a new beginning for a band; a new blood was recruited and after few shows with a new line-up, Defiant was ready for recording a new album „Era of Substitution“, which was more extreme than previous work of the band.2012.

Defiant signed for Grom Records. In 2015. Defiant recorded their third album ''Morbid Spiritual Illness'' with the new line up after a two-year break. New album „Morbid Spiritual Illness“ is recorded in Studio Armageddon and Defiant signed the contract with a label from Switzerland „Miner Recordings“. In January 2017., Defiant recorded material for the new album „Insurrection Icon“ in Hellsound Studio in the Czech Republic with the new vocalist/lyricist Tomislav Debelic.