DARK CIRCLE FEST 2018. 24. - 25.8.2018. - HARTERA - RIJEKA - CROATIA
Organizer: Ri Rock Association


Dark Circle Festival (formerly known as Dark “O” Metal Fest) opens its doors again on 24th and 25th August 2018, bringing the show of two world famous headliners - THE CROWN and BELPHEGOR, along with 28 more bands from Croatia and beyond. At the attractive location of the former paper factory Hartera, visitors of the darkest festival on Balkans can expect awesome shows by bands from Ireland, Sweden, Slovenia, Italy and Austria, but the emphasis still remains on the support of domestic bands from Croatia.

Four floors, lots of follow-up entertainment, free ride to the party and hitting the beach, the cheapest train ride to the festival, a camp, video projections and decorations, glam after-party, fun games, cheap booze and food, various merch goodies, and 30 carefully chosen bands are a perfect call for all lovers of a fierce sound, to say a proper goodbye to summer on Dark Circle Festival.

On the first day of the festival, Friday 24th August 2018, onto the DARK STAGE all the way from Austria, come the gods of blackness and abyss –Belphegor. The band will be promoting their new album „TOTENRITUAL“ on this year's Dark Circle Fest. Their show includes a special diabolic ritual performance, followed by an impressive stage set-up. The other bands performing on Friday on the same stage will be:⚡ ZENOTH⚡ ZVIJER⚡ SAILING TO NOWHERE, ⚡ SUFOSIADECOMPOSING ENTITY⚡ KYMERA, and ⚡ MBURNSThe very same day, the new CHAOS STAGE will host the performances of: ⚡ LEFT TO STRAVE⚡ DISBAJA⚡ SHIN⚡ MORBID CREATION KRLJA⚡ DICKLESS TRACY and  IAMDISEASE.

On the second day of the festival, Saturday 25th August 2018, the DARK STAGE will host, for the very first time in Croatia, the legendary death metal band The Crown. With their amped up attack all the way from distant Sweden, they will be promoting their newest, long-expected album „Cobra Speed Venom“. The fans of this fantastic band might be treated with a couple of old hits as well, satisfying the musical needs of every true death metal fan. Alongside this fantastic band, the show will also bring: ⚡ CORE OF CREATION⚡ OMNIVORE⚡ THEORIES DIVIDEDEFIANT⚡ E.N.D.WOLVES WITHIN and ⚡ THROATTWISTEROn the same day, on CHAOS STAGE, the visitors might also listen to: ⚡ MAMUT⚡ EHOREVERSE GANGBANGNEGATIVE SLUG⚡ OMEGA SUN⚡ LORD DRUNKALOT and ⚡ EMPHASIS.

Timetable (click HERE)

On Saturday, from 12-6pm, a special DARK BEACH PARTY will be held on the beach Empeduja (Morski prasac 2) on Kantrida, for all the visitors of Dark Circle Festival. In addition to the free transport, courtesy of the festival's sponsor KD Autotrolej, free entrance is also provided. The selector of the musical background will be SELEKTOR SKELETOR.

The famous Hartera's “terrace“ has been reserved, once again, for the all-time favorite GLAM FLOOR, where DJ MATEA BENZAN, throughout both days from 5pm to 4am, will be choosing from the biggest old rock hits, glam metal one hitters, punk ferocities, and metal anthems. Also, during the entire festival, a small market called DARK SHOPS will be held, with the exhibitors such as: BETON ART LUMAS (concrete sculptures), MANO CORNUTA (alternative clothing and accessories with an attitude), UNDERWATER MERCH (T-shirts and merchandise) i BROCADE BUDOIR (alternative jewellery and accessories). The music will be chosen each day in ROOM 666 from 01 – 05am by DJ LEON. This year, the official merchandise of the festival is significantly richer, so the assortment will also include T-shirts, spirits, guitar picks, necklaces,earrings, patches and stickers. The gastronomic offer is in the hands of PRIMORSKI PIJAT, so you can find some good home-made „maneštra“ and sausages in bread rolls on the menu as well.

Once again this year, the official transporter for Dark Circle Fest is HŽ Putnički Prijevoz, thus all visitors coming to the festival by train will receive 40% discount for the train ticket – the only trick when buying a ticket is to emphasize you're going to Dark Circle Fest. Also, just like the previous years, visitors may apply for a free camp on the festival venue. Entirely furnished camp and one hell of an atmosphere will await for all the campers dying for new experience. The right for camping is given with a valid festival ticket and a notice in advance.

Tickets for this year's festival at pre-sale prices (140kn festival ticket, 110kn one-day ticket) can be bought online, on the official website www.darkometalfest.com, ending with 23rd August 2018, as well as at our official festival ambassadors, till 20th August 2018 at latest. Tickets can be bought at the festival entrance, at a selling price (180kn festival ticket, 130kn one-day ticket). The doors open at 5pm on both days.

We invite all heartfelt lovers of fierce melodies to join us on the biggest edition of the darkest festival, and to say farewell to summer with awesome bands, rich merch, and lots of great fun.

This year tickets can be purchased on the official web site at the price of:

FESTIVAL (pre-sale): 140 kn - 20  (€)
FESTIVAL (per day): 180 kn - 24  (€)
ONE-YEAR (pre-sale): 110 kn - 15  (€)
ONE YEAR (per day): 130 kn - 17 (€) 

Customers will get a QR code that can easily be downloaded to a smartphone and show (with a personal ID) at the festival entrance and get the festival bracelet. There will also be a QR code that will lead to the festival's schedule. Purchased tickets do not need to be printed. With this move, festival wants to awaken environmental awareness and reduce the use of paper and unnecessary creation of additional waste.

Until then, heat your engines once again and prepare for another year of the fiery festival in Croatia with affordable prices, famous world bands, entertainment program and of course the best and the most popular bands of the Croatian scene. See you in Hartera!

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YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1R7hAaHYpfhiV9vcQ-Aq5Q
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ORGANISED BY: Udruga Ri Rock

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